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Lambing open days

We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our Lambing Open Days. Our first open weekend is 29th and 30th March, please refer to the Lambing Open Day page for full details of the 4 weekends that we are open.
Lambing is now in full swing and there will be lots to see on the farm. We also have pigs and newborn calves for you to see.

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Last updated 28/3/2014

Welcome to Watergate Farm!

We are a farm based in rural Bedfordshire, and we specialise in producing high quality turkeys ready for Christmas. Our sheep roam the fields and we open our doors every spring so that you can see the wonder that the lambing season brings.

Sheep roam in spring sunshine Mothers welcome their newborn lambsA great family day outLots to see and do


Special turkeys

We would like to introduce you to the fantastic flavour of fresh turkey from your local farm. Many of our turkeys are free range, for a fuller flavour. They are fed on a special of diet that includes oats, and raised with a great deal of care, ready to grace your Christmas table.

Pair of turkeys in sunshine

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Lambing days

Fun at lambing day

Every spring we are open to the public over several weekends. It is a great chance not only to see the newborn lambs, but lots more to see and do for the family. Our dates for Spring 2014 have now been announced. To discover more about our lambing days...